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Pretty & Yummy-Licious Eds Jelly Hearts....- made by HIM

Our Story

How it all started

Back in 2009, by chance a friend shared the recipe with me. I followed step by step according to what was written on the recipe. Failure after failure... tries after tries... finally I manage to replicate the flavor. A familiar taste that I remembered when I was offered this dessert made by a home baker.

Why Eds Jelly Hearts

I did a little tweak on the recipe and added a tiny "magic" touch, this changes the recipe ... That's how Eds Jelly Hearts was born.

Our Philosophy

Just like the 3 layers on the Jelly Hearts 

Bottom being the crunchy biscuits base
is a texture made for the mature individual...

Center with a touch of light creamy cheese
 for the young and hippies...

Right on top is a clear bright color
flavoured jelly that will entice the kids...

The fruit set in to capture the man's heart
to buy a box for his loved ones...  

This piece of art is made for all ages and races.
I made them and cut each delicate piece with my hands.

Pretty & Yummy-Licious Eds Jelly Hearts...-made by HIM

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