Notification : During Festive Seasons

Please pre-order : 8188 5905 before "walking-in" to our shop.

Walk-in will be based on a first come first serve, priority will be given to those who had pre-ordered/reserved.

We do not want you to make a wasted trip. Alternatively, you can like our facebook page: to receive latest updates. Usually we will post once we are "sold out" for that day/close our order for a particular day ...
Appreciate your understanding.

Pretty & Yummy-Licious Eds Jelly Hearts....- made by HIM

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We are the first in Singapore to have a shop front that specializes in non-baked cheese cake topped with Jelly. Our aim is to focus in this niche market. We want our customers to get what is valued for money, premium jelly with good quality of cream cheese and digestive biscuits and always topped with fresh fruits.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a premier bakery providing quality Jelly cheesecakes.

Pretty & Yummy-Licious Eds Jelly Hearts...-made by HIM

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