Notification : During Festive Seasons

Please pre-order : 8188 5905 before "walking-in" to our shop.

Walk-in will be based on a first come first serve, priority will be given to those who had pre-ordered/reserved.

We do not want you to make a wasted trip. Alternatively, you can like our facebook page: to receive latest updates. Usually we will post once we are "sold out" for that day/close our order for a particular day ...
Appreciate your understanding.

Pretty & Yummy-Licious Eds Jelly Hearts....- made by HIM

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Available Flavours

Please do check out on our shelves in the shop / call to ask for our daily available flavours.

Currently our available flavours are:
1) Strawberry
2) Blackberry
3) Grape
4) Orange temporary not available
5) Lime

Pretty & Yummy-Licious Eds Jelly Hearts...-made by HIM

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